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Ambroise Vollard’s Gallery on rue Laffitte

Улица Лаффит в Париже
Начало ХХ века

Still in the early stages of his career, the picture dealer Ambroise Vollard moved his business to the rue Laffitte, home to the major galleries. His first exhibition there consisted of drawings by Édouard Manet. 

Conclusion of a Russo-French alliance; visit of a Russian naval squadron to Toulon.

Визит русской военной эскадры в Тулон

‘Customs war’ between Russia and Germany.

More anarchist terrorist attacks in France: a nail bomb in the House of Deputies wounds fifty people.

На трассе Париж-Руан проведены первые в мире автогонки

In Russia a new law limits land repartition amongst peasants in rural communities. 

Chekhov’s journey to Sakhalin, site of a harsh Russian penal colony, led to the publication of his book Sakhalin Island. That arduous journey and those experiences stood in sharp contrast to Paul Gauguin’s journey to the land of oriental exoticism, French Polynesia. Chekhov himself said that everyone should make such a journey but that they would thereby lose a year and a half of their lives. 

Leo Tolstoy’s The Kingdom of God is within You

Tolstoy’s treatise The Kingdom of God is within You, written in 1893, was banned in Russia and was thus published abroad, in Germany and Britain in 1894, and in 1895 in France. Its central idea is that of non-violent resistance to evil. 

Exhibition of Paintings by Paul Gauguin

At the insistence of Edgar Degas another dealer, the already well-established Paul Durand-Ruel, organised an exhibition of the work of Paul Gauguin. Degas acquired one painting for his own collection. 

The World’s Fair in Chicago

Посетители Всемирной выставки в Чикаго
© Филдовский музей естественной истории, Чикаго

Paintings from US collections by Édouard Manet, Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro and Auguste Renoir were shown at the World’s Fair in Chicago.

Valery Bryusov’s The Decadents. End of a Century

Under the influence of Paul Verlaine, Bryusov wrote the play The Decadents. End of a Century.

Fragments of the letters of Vincent van Gogh were published in Mercure de France.

Письмо Винсента Ван Гога Эмилю Бернару
Опубликовано в «Mercure de France» в 1893

Claude Monet’s Gardens

Клод Моне перед своим домом в Живерни
Автохром. 18 х 24
Музей Орсэ, Париж

At his Giverny estate Claude Monet created extraordinarily picturesque extensive gardens that provided the raw material for many of his paintings. Later in the twentieth century they were to become one of the most popular tourist sights in all France. 

The XXI Wanderers Exhibition

С. А. Коровин
На миру (фрагмент)
Холст, масло. 170 х 150
Государственная Третьяковская галерея, Москва

The twenty-first exhibition of the Fellowship of Travelling Art Exhibitions (the Wanderers) was held in Moscow and St Petersburg. It included paintings by Ilya Repin (Autumn Bouquet and Portrait of Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich), Sergey Korovin’s central work Amongst the People, a Portrait of Natalya Petrunkevich by Nikolay Ge, Isaac Levitan’s The Road to Vladimir and Mikhail Nesterov’s The Youth of St Sergiy Radonezhsky.